Meet Theresa

Compassionate Leadership

I grew up in a middle class family in a blue collar community in the shadow of O’hare Airport. My parents stressed the importance of education and I worked hard and learned, first hand, how powerful education can be.

I graduated from East Leyden High School with 30 college credit hours and took them to Illinois State University. The MAP grant program was robust then and Pell Grants were assessable to me.  Tuition rates were affordable and could be covered by Federal Student Aid Loans at affordable rates. These programs made undergraduate studies a possibility for me. 

As a new teacher, I moved to the “Sunshine State” and taught Government and Civics to high needs students in a “Right to Work” state.  I experienced great teaching, great students and low humidity.  I also saw low pay, long hours, no bargaining power, and no protection from unfair labor practices.  

 During my tenure in Arizona, I continued my education and also met the man I would marry.  He was a combat veteran who had served in the Iraq conflict.  Together we navigated the bureaucracy of the VA system.  When the timing was right, we moved back to Illinois.  My husband and I got involved worked with Bridging the Gap, working to help reduce the Veteran suicide rate and provide a bridge for veterans and their support systems to integrate back into civilian life.  Through my work with Bridging the Gap, I have been invited to speak on panels to promote the awareness of the issues.

My life experiences have all pointed me towards being informed and being involved, and I became more active in my community. I will be a voice of reason to promote and protect the things that Illinois does right while building towards and an even more successful future.  I will be a champion for:  education rights, protections for the vulnerable, support for our veterans, and our democratic institutions.  I will help build the doors of opportunity for others to walk through.  I will stand up for you.

 I am running for Representative in the 17 District ofthe State of Illinois.





Theresa R. Coomer

Next State Representative

17th District, Illinois



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B.A. in History Education, ISU.

M.A. in Education from Grand Canyon University



 I wanted to be a part of the change I wanted to see in the world.-Mahatma Gandhi

Currently I am the 7th Grade Team Leader and 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher at Arie Crown Hebrew Day School.

I will:

-Fight for the Working Class and Public Education

-Stand up for Veteran Rights and honor their sacrifices

-Protect the Environment and support Climate Change research

-Defend Women's Rights and access to Healthcare for all

-Support the fundamental Human Rights of Immigrants